lesson structure and contents

The objective is to learn all necessary skills to become an accomplished and expressive player. These include, but are not limited to:

  • reading and writing notes
  • a good and relaxed playing posture
  • learning how to practice
  • different articulation and playing styles
  • pedaling
  • musical imagination and expression
  • sight reading and playing by heart
  • music theory
  • music terminology
  • playing melodies and harmonies by ear

Beginners will learn from a course method which will be established after getting to know the student. Often used methods are: Michael Aaron Piano Course, Die Russische Klavierschule, Alfred's Basic Piano Course, Tastenträume and Carol Barratt's The Classic Piano Course (for adults). The course will be supplemented with exercise books that practice reading and writing notes and music theory. It is expected that the student practices his or her material at home.

Advanced students receive tailored (concert) pieces, studies and exercises to deepen their skills. These materials are picked by looking at the student's interests, fortes and aspects that can be developed further.